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Premium performance – the next encoder generation

Leine & Linde has long been known for encoders made for heavy duty applications. With the Premium 900 series we take the starting point in our experience for such applications, and rise to a new level when it comes to functionality.

Machines are becoming more and more advanced in classic industrial applications - more complex motions need to be monitored in order to achieve full process control. To match-up, the 900 series is based on absolute scanning which enables position feedback with high resolution.

With rising demands on machine efficiency the reliability of each component is critical. The 900 series therefore offers increased performance when it comes to enduring conditions like high temperatures and moisture or vibration and shock.

Flexibility when it comes to interfaces is important in order to provide an encoder for easy integration in the machine. Therefore the 900 series offers a variety of different shafts, connectors and communication interfaces. 

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