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The highest resolution in our history

Technological progress has meant that the boundaries previously limiting resolution for absolute position encoders are nothing but a memory. Swedish encoder manufacturer Leine & Linde is currently launching a further development of its robust 600 series.

“This new technology means that resolution within one rotation of our new encoders can reach 25 bits, i.e. more than 33 million positions per rotation. Despite this extremely high resolution, the absolute positions can still be delivered with an accuracy better than 20 arc seconds,” Leine & Linde Product Manager Tobias Lindh proudly explains.

The technology opens the way to new areas of application
The highest resolution is naturally not intended for positioning purposes, but primarily allows accurate speed calculations to be carried out. The fact that the customer also receives an absolute position value into the bargain naturally contributes to the widening areas of application for the product within automation and for engine manufacturers.

Serial signal transmission via Profinet and CAN
The first stage is that position data is transmitted from the encoder using the serial EnDat interface. Since EnDat can be simply converted to Profibus, CANopen or other field bus interfaces through Gateways, there are a number of areas for which the new product is suitable. “We can naturally manufacture variants of this product for different types of mechanical mounting, such as versions with a solid shaft or with a hollow shaft design. In certain applications, the customer requires the encoder to position a multirotational movement absolutely, which is also possible, of course,” concludes Tobias Lindh.

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