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For specific encoder variants, such as 861900220, you will find data sheets for each unique part number in the product finder.

Please, keep in mind that some of the files are compressed zip files that must be saved to your computer before they can be opened.

Brochures with technical data
1000_series_eng.pdf, 5 MB
2000_Series_eng.pdf, 612 kB
300-Series_datasheet_eng.pdf, 243 kB
500_Series_datasheet_eng.pdf, 3 MB
600_Series_eng.pdf, 5 MB
700_Series_eng.pdf, 2 MB
800_Series_eng.pdf, 2 MB
900_Series_eng.pdf, 2 MB
ADS_Online_eng.pdf, 5 MB
Encoder_technology_eng.pdf, 3 MB
Encoders_for_motors_and_drives_eng.pdf, 6 MB
Functional_safety_eng.pdf, 5 MB
Mounting instructions
Mounting instruction 1000-series (Eng, De, Cn)
1000-series_Mounting_instruction_eng,ge,ch.pdf, 1 MB
Mounting instruction 1000-series (Es, Sv, Ru)
1000-series_Mounting_instruction_sp,sw,ru.pdf, 1 MB
Mounting instruction 300-series
300-series_Mounting_instruction_eng.pdf, 487 kB
Mounting instruction 500-series
500-series_Mounting_instruction_eng.pdf, 1 MB
Mounting instruction Gateway (Es, Sv, Ru)
Gateway_Mounting_instruction_sp_sw_ru.pdf, 1 MB
Mounting instruction Model 607, 608 (Eng, De, Cn)
600-series_mounting instructions_eng,ge,ch.pdf, 2 MB
Mounting instruction Model 607, 608 (Es, Sv, Ru)
600-series_Mounting_instruction_sp,sw,ru.pdf, 2 MB
Mounting instruction Model 703 (Eng, De, Cn)
700-series_mounting_instructions_eng,ge,ch.pdf, 1 MB
Mounting instruction Model 703 (Es, Sv, Ru)
700-series_Mounting_instruction_sp,sw,ru.pdf, 1 MB
Mounting instruction Model 801, 803 (Eng, De, Cn)
800-series_Mounting_instruction_eng,ge,ch.pdf, 2 MB
Mounting instruction Model 801, 803 (Es, Sv, Ru)
800-series_Mounting_instruction_sp,sw,ru.pdf, 2 MB
Mounting instruction Model 841 Exd
640016_841_Exd mounting instruction.pdf, 536 kB
Mounting instruction Model 850 (Eng, De, Ch)
850 model mounting instructions_eng,ge,ch.pdf, 1 MB
Mounting instruction Model 850 (Es, Sv, Ru)
850_Mounting_instruction_sp,sw,ru.pdf, 1 MB
Mounting instruction Model 861, 862, 865 (Eng, De, Ch)
861-862-865 models mounting instructions_eng,ge,ch.pdf, 1 MB
Mounting instruction Model 861, 862, 865 (Es, Sv, Ru)
861-862-865_Mounting_instruction_sp,sw,ru.pdf.pdf, 1 MB
Mounting instruction Model 901, 903, 921, 923 (Eng, De, Cn)
1108704-01_900 series_mounting instructions_eng,ge,ch.pdf, 2 MB
Mounting instruction Model 901, 903, 921, 923 (Es, Sv, Ru)
1108704-02_900 series_mounting instructions_sp,sw,ru.pdf, 2 MB
Mounting_instruction Gateway (Eng, De, Cn)
Gateway_Mounting_instruction_eng_ge_ch.pdf, 1 MB
Recommended mating shafts Hollow shaft encoders
818306-01_man_Rec mating shafts_eng.pdf, 1 MB
ADS Classic Manual for 800 series
manual_ADS Classic_eng.pdf, 326 kB
ADS Online Manual for 800 series
828010-01_ADS Online manual_eng.pdf, 844 kB
CANopen Manual for 500 series
RXA_CANopen_Manual.pdf, 259 kB
CANopen Manual for 600 series
Manual_CANopen_eng.pdf, 389 kB
CANopen Manual for Gateway
CANopen_Gateway_Application_note.pdf, 270 kB
CRG Overspeed Manual for Gateway
685675-01_CRG_Overspeed_Manual_eng.pdf, 957 kB
DeviceNet Manual for 600 series
643197-01_DeviceNet_manual_eng.pdf, 234 kB
DeviceNet Manual for Gateway
DeviceNet_Gateway_Application_note.pdf, 673 kB
PROFIBUS Manuals for Encoder & Gateway
Manual_PROFIBUS_DPV0_DPV2_eng.zip, 1 MB
PROFINET Manual for 600 series
Manual_PROFINET_eng.pdf, 4 MB
PROFINET Manual for Encoder & Gateway
735795-02_man_PROFINET_ge.pdf, 2 MB
Programmable SSI Manual for 600 series
Manual_Progr SSI_eng.pdf, 518 kB
ADS Classic software
ADS Classic - PC software.zip, 855 kB
Programmable SSI software
ProgSSI-setup_en.zip, 400 kB
Speed monitor software
Os32_01p.zip, 3 MB
Configuration File
CANopen EDS file for Encoder in 500 and 600 series
CANopen_EDS_files.zip, 1 MB
CANopen EDS file for Gateway
CANopen_Gateway_EDS .zip, 368 kB
DeviceNet EDS file for Encoder in 600 series
RXA600_DeviceNet.zip, 524 kB
DeviceNet EDS file for Gateway
DeviceNet_Gateway_EDS.zip, 4 kB
PROFIBUS DPV0 and DPV2 GSD file for Gateway
Gateway_PROFIBUS_DPV0_and_DPV2.zip, 1 MB
PROFIBUS DPV0 GSD-file for Encoder in 900 series
Encoder_PROFIBUS_DPV0_900 series.zip, 3 kB
PROFIBUS GSD file for Encoder in 600 series
Encoder_PROFIBUS_DPV0_and_DPV2.zip, 556 kB
PROFINET GSDML file for Encoder in 600 series
gsdml-V2_2-ll-PROFINET-encoder-20131125.zip, 1 MB
Connectors & cables
ds_Connectors_and_cables_eng.pdf, 1 MB
Couplings Nickel bellows-, Membrane-, Sliding disc-, Double loop coupling
ds_Couplings_eng.pdf, 903 kB
ds_Draw wire_eng.pdf, 320 kB
Encoder switch GV210
ds_Encoder switch_eng.pdf, 227 kB
Gateway CANopen
CANopen_Gateway_eng.pdf, 600 kB
Gateway Optolink
ds_OptoLink_eng.pdf, 107 kB
ds_profibus_dpv2-gateway_eng.pdf, 431 kB
Interface converter
ds_Interface converter_eng.pdf, 121 kB
Mechanical accessories Bearing box, mounting clamps, mounting bracket and others.
ds_Mechanical accessories_eng.pdf, 1 MB
Signal converter FU252
ds_Signal converter_eng.pdf, 175 kB
Speed monitor DZ260
ds_Speed monitor_eng.pdf, 228 kB
Test unit PWM 9
Test_unit_pwm_9_eng.pdf, 147 kB

Obsolete series/models

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