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For specific encoder variants, such as 861900220, you will find data sheets for each unique part number in the product finder.

Please, keep in mind that some of the files are compressed zip files that must be saved to your computer before they can be opened.

Brochures with technical data
1000 series Extreme Multifunctional encoders
823095-02_1000_series_eng.pdf, 5 MB
2000 series Magnetic Bearingless encoders for large shafts
1135392-02_2000_series_en.pdf, 808 kB
300 series Datasheet
300-Series_datasheet_eng.pdf, 243 kB
500 series Datasheet
500_Series_datasheet_eng.pdf, 3 MB
600 series Industrial Absolute position encoders
1042511-02_600_series_en.pdf, 1 MB
700 series Compact Encoders for drives
1037315-02_700_series_eng.pdf, 2 MB
800 series Heavy duty Model 841, 850, 855, 861, 862, 865
1034793-02_800_series_eng.pdf, 2 MB
900 series Premium Absolute encoders for heavy duty industries
1080230-02_900_series_en.pdf, 999 kB
ADS Classic Preventative maintenance
ADS_Preventative_maintenance_flyer_en.pdf, 851 kB
ADS Online Encoder diagnostics
806917-01_ADS_Online_eng.pdf, 5 MB
ADS Upgrade Unit Model 850, 861, 862
ADS_Online_Upgrade_Unit_flyer_en.pdf, 621 kB
DRIVE-CLiQ encoders For heavy duty environments
DRIVE-CLiQ_encoders_flyer_en.pdf, 604 kB
Encoder technology Details & description
1073559-01_Encoder_technology_eng.pdf, 3 MB
Encoders for motors and drives
802982-01_Encoders_for_motors_and_drives_eng.pdf, 6 MB
Encoders for oil and gas
1135096-02_Oil_and_gas_en.pdf, 960 kB
EtherCAT® encoders Supports 31.25μs cycle time
EtherCAT_encoders_flyer_en.pdf, 811 kB
EtherNet/IP For all demanding applications
EtherNetIP_flyer_en.pdf, 688 kB
Functional safety
1067032-01_Functional_safety_eng.pdf, 5 MB
Interfaces – An overview
1156588-01_Interface_overview_en.pdf, 254 kB
Overspeed Programmable speed switch
Progr_Overspeed_flyer_en.pdf, 1 MB
Robust encoders – An overview
1120690-01_Product_overview_en.pdf, 605 kB
Mounting instructions
Mounting instruction 1000 series
1000-series_Mounting_instruction_eng,ge,ch.pdf, 1 MB
Mounting instruction 2000 series
1140574-01_2000_series_mounting_instructions_en_ge_ch.pdf, 2 MB
Mounting instruction 300 series
300-series_Mounting_instruction_eng.pdf, 487 kB
Mounting instruction 500 series
500 series_mounting instructions_eng,ge.pdf, 1 MB
Mounting instruction ADS Online Upgrade Unit
1135383-01_ADS_Online_Upgrade_Unit_mounting_instructions_en_ge_ch.pdf, 1 MB
Mounting instruction Model 607, 608
600-series_mounting instructions_eng,ge,ch.pdf, 2 MB
Mounting instruction Model 647, 648
1088015-01_647-648_models_mounting_instructions_en.pdf, 1 MB
Mounting instruction Model 703
700-series_mounting_instructions_eng,ge,ch.pdf, 1 MB
Mounting instruction Model 801, 803
800-series_Mounting_instruction_eng,ge,ch.pdf, 2 MB
Mounting instruction Model 841 Exd
640016_841_Exd mounting instruction.pdf, 536 kB
Mounting instruction Model 850
850 model mounting instructions_eng,ge,ch.pdf, 1 MB
Mounting instruction Model 861, 862, 865
773564-01_861-862-865_models_mounting_instructions_en_ge_ch.pdf, 1 MB
Mounting instruction Model 901, 903, 921, 923
900 series_mounting instructions_eng,ge,ch.pdf, 2 MB
Mounting_instruction Gateway
773710-01_Gateway_mounting_instructions_en_ge_ch.pdf, 1 MB
Recommended mating shafts
Recommended_mating _shafts_English.pdf, 1 MB
Shaft coupling The art of choosing the right shaft coupling
Shaft_coupling_eng.pdf, 443 kB
Shaft grounding for inverter driven motors
Shaft grounding for inverter driven motors_eng.pdf, 332 kB
Shielding connection Reliable signal transmission
Shielding_connection_eng.pdf, 267 kB
ADS Classic manual
640005_ADS_Classic_Manual_eng.pdf, 364 kB
ADS Online manual
828010-01_ADS_Online_Manual_eng.pdf, 844 kB
CANopen Manual 500 series
RXA_CANopen_Manual.pdf, 259 kB
CANopen Manual 600 series & Gateway
634815-01_CANopen_manual_en.pdf, 3 MB
CANopen Manual Obsolete model 01300xxx Gateway
CANopen_Gateway_Application_note.pdf, 270 kB
CRG Overspeed Manual Gateway
685675-01_CRG_Overspeed_Manual_eng.pdf, 957 kB
DeviceNet Manual 600 series
643197-01_DeviceNet_manual_en.pdf, 237 kB
DeviceNet Manual Gateway
DeviceNet_Gateway_Application_note.pdf, 673 kB
PROFIBUS Manual 900 series
1130827-01_PROFIBUS_DPV0_900_series_manual_en.pdf, 1014 kB
PROFIBUS Manuals 600 series & Gateway
PROFIBUS_DPV0_DPV2_manuals_en.zip, 1 MB
PROFINET Manual 600 series
735795-01_PROFINET_manual_en.pdf, 2 MB
Programmable overspeed manual For 800, 1000 series and gateway
Progr_Overspeed_manual_en.pdf, 2 MB
Programmable SSI Manual 600 series
Manual_Progr SSI_eng.pdf, 518 kB
ADS Classic software
ADS Classic - PC software.zip, 855 kB
DZ 260 speed monitor software
Os32_01p.zip, 3 MB
Programmable overspeed monitor software
Programmable overspeed monitor.zip, 19 MB
Programmable SSI software
ProgSSI-setup_en.zip, 400 kB
Configuration files
CANopen EDS file 600 series
RSA_RHA_600_CANopen.zip, 3 kB
CANopen EDS file Gateway
Gateway CANopen.zip, 2 kB
CANopen EDS File 500 series
RSA_RHA_507_CANopen.zip, 1 MB
DeviceNet EDS file 600 series
RXA600_DeviceNet.zip, 524 kB
DeviceNet EDS file Gateway
DeviceNet_Gateway_EDS.zip, 4 kB
EtherCAT ESI file 600 series
LeineLinde_IXA_600_EtherCAT_V100.zip, 7 kB
EtherCAT ESI file 900 series
LeineLinde_PXE_900_EtherCAT_V100.zip, 7 kB
PROFIBUS DPV0 and DPV2 GSD file Gateway
Gateway_PROFIBUS_DPV0_and_DPV2.zip, 7 kB
PROFIBUS GSD file 600 series
Encoder_PROFIBUS_DPV0_and_DPV2.zip, 8 kB
PROFIBUS GSD file 900 series
PROFIBUS DPV0 GSD file.zip, 3 kB
PROFINET GSDML file 600 series
gsdml-V2_2-ll-PROFINET-encoder-20131125.zip, 1 MB
Gateway_PROFINET.zip, 5 kB
ADS Classic PC cable
1041978-01.pdf, 65 kB
ADS Online PC cable
800480-01 Cable ADS online M12 to RJ45.pdf, 198 kB
ADS upgrade unit
ds_AUU_040.pdf, 256 kB
CANopen gateway
Gateway_CANopen_datasheet_en.pdf, 369 kB
Connectors & cables
ds_Connectors_and_cables_eng.pdf, 1 MB
Couplings Nickel bellows-, Membrane-, Sliding disc-, Double loop coupling
ds_Couplings_eng.pdf, 903 kB
DMI Converter
ds_DMI converter.pdf, 219 kB
Draw wire
Draw_wire_datasheet_en.pdf, 576 kB
DRIVE-CLiQ cables
ds_DRIVE-CLiQ cable.pdf, 176 kB
Encoder switch GV210
ds_Encoder switch_eng.pdf, 227 kB
EnDat cable
1117975-xx EnDat accessory cable.pdf, 191 kB
Ex d & Ex t blind plug M20
ds_207873-08.pdf, 169 kB
Mechanical accessories
Mechanical_accessories_datasheet_en.pdf, 1 MB
Optolink gateway
OptoLink_datasheet_en.pdf, 116 kB
PROFIBUS gateway
Gateway_PROFIBUS_datasheet_en.pdf, 513 kB
PROFINET gateway
Gateway_PROFINET_1118541-01.pdf, 117 kB
Signal converter FU252
ds_Signal converter_eng.pdf, 175 kB
Speed monitor DZ260
ds_Speed monitor_eng.pdf, 228 kB
Test unit PWM 9
Test_unit_pwm_9_eng.pdf, 147 kB
Torque Bracket
1099243-01.pdf, 66 kB
Press releases
2015-04-29 Robust absolute encoders for zones 1/21
PR_ATEX_IECEx_zones_1_21_encoder_eng.pdf, 71 kB
2015-01-21 CEO transition New Chief Executive Officer
PR_New_Chief_Executive_Officer_en.pdf, 78 kB
2014-10-30 Premium 900 series The next encoder generation
PR_900_series_eng.pdf, 107 kB
2014-10-30 EtherCAT® encoders Stable, flexible and fast.
PR_EtherCAT_eng.pdf, 78 kB
2014-10-30 ADS Online Upgrade Unit Upgrade your encoders with diagnostics
PR_AUU_eng.pdf, 74 kB
2014-04-28 Programmable overspeed unit
Press_release_Overspeed_eng.pdf, 55 kB
Image gallery
1000 Extreme Extreme in every way. An encoder to handle most things.
LeineLinde_1000_series.jpg, 181 kB
2000 Magnetic Suitable for large shaft diameters.
LeineLinde_2000_series.jpg, 157 kB
300 Miniature Robust and extremely reliable miniature encoders.
LeineLinde_300_series.jpg, 71 kB
500 Robust Versatile and modular encoders.
LeineLinde_500_series.jpg, 361 kB
600 series ATEX Robust, flameproof and dustproof encoders for Ex zones 1/21.
LeineLinde_600_series_ATEX.jpg, 873 kB
600 series DRIVE-CLiQ Encoders with Siemens SINAMICS interface.
LeineLinde_600_DRIVE-CLiQ.jpg, 607 kB
700 Compact Compact yet robust for applications with high mechanical stress.
LeineLinde_700_series.jpg, 3 MB
800 Heavy duty Robust encoder adapted for challenging industrial environments.
LeineLinde_800_series.jpg, 696 kB
800 series ADS Online Encoders with integrated diagnostics.
LeineLinde_800_series_ADS_Online.jpg, 1 MB
800 series AUU ADS Online Upgrade Unit – add-on diagnostic functionality
LeineLinde_800_series_AUU.jpg, 518 kB
900 and 600 series EtherCAT Inductive encoders with industrial Ethernet protocol
LeineLinde_900_and_600_series_EtherCAT.jpg, 337 kB
900 Premium Absolute encoder with high reliability requirement.
LeineLinde_900_series.jpg, 728 kB
900 series PROFINET Inductive 900 series PROFINET with dual output.
LeineLinde_900_PROFINET.jpg, 796 kB
ATEX and IECEx certified encoders Incremental 841 and absolute 647 648 encoders
LeineLinde_ATEX_encoder.jpg, 753 kB
EtherNet/IP™ encoder solutions EtherNet/IP™ for extreme environments.
LeineLinde_EtherNetIP.jpg, 892 kB
Leine & Linde logotype in EPS format. CMYK.
LeineLinde_logotyp_CMYK.eps, 641 kB
Leine & Linde logotype in EPS format. RGB.
LeineLinde_logotyp_RGB.eps, 656 kB
Leine & Linde logotype in JPG format. RGB.
LeineLinde_logotype_RGB.jpg, 67 kB
Policies and certifications
Leine & Linde business policy
LeineLinde_Business_policy.pdf, 106 kB
Leine & Linde ISO 14001 Certificate
LeineLinde_ISO14001_Certificate_en.pdf, 3 MB
Leine & Linde ISO 9001 Certificate
LeineLinde_ISO9001_Certificate_en.pdf, 254 kB
ATEX Certificate Model 647, 648
SP15ATEX3649X.pdf, 2 MB
ATEX Certificate Model 841
SP_07ATEX3635X.pdf, 736 kB
DRIVE CLiQ Certificate 600 series
DRIVE-CLiQ_certificate_IxA_600.pdf, 230 kB
DRIVE CLiQ Certificate 900 series
DRIVE-CLiQ_certificate_PxE_900.pdf, 107 kB
EtherCAT Certificate 600 and 900 series
Certificate_EtherCAT.pdf, 59 kB
IECEx Certificate Model 647, 648
IECEx certificate for the IXA 64X series.pdf, 26 kB
IECEx Certificate Model 841
IECEx-certifikat.pdf, 4 kB
PROFIBUS Certificate 600 series
PROFIBUS Certificate.zip, 6 MB
PROFIBUS DPV0 Certificate Gateway
Gateway_DPV0_Certificate.pdf, 1 MB
PROFIBUS DPV2 Certificate Gateway
Gateway_DPV2_Certificate.pdf, 2 MB
PROFINET Certificate 600 series
PROFINET_Multiturn_certificate_Z10242.pdf, 346 kB
PROFINET Certificate 600 series
PROFINET_Singleturn_certificate_Z10240.pdf, 346 kB

Obsolete series/models

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