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Absolute position via PROFINET

Realtime communication from control system all the way down to an encoder.

Leine & Linde has lately been involved in the development of the standardized encoder profile 3.162 version 4.1 related to PROFIdrive, which describes how an absolute position encoder should work in a PROFINET network. Parallel with this, the creation of an absolute encoder, with built-in support for PROFINET, was developed. These efforts have resulted in a new range of PROFINET products available Leine & Linde’s 600-series of absolute encoders.

PROFINET IRT can simplified be described as PROFIBUS over Ethernet – but with improved performance and some new functions added.

Model 600 Series of absolute coded singleturn or multiturn encoders comes with resolutions up to 25 bits and are very robust in their mechanical design. The series come in either shaft or hollow shaft versions which ensure that installation and commissioning always can be reduced to a minimum.

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