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Profibus in pulse encoders for extreme environments

It is now possible for the first time to use absolute pulse encoders with a Profibus interface in extremely tough industrial environments. Leine & Linde is launching a new version of its Extreme 1000 series, in which absolute models can now be supplied with integrated Profibus compatibility.

“Our Extreme 1000 series is designed to meet the extensive demands of the steel and mining industries for encoder robustness and performance,” explains Tobias Lindh, Product Manager at Leine & Linde. “This series has a very high level of encapsulation and sturdy oversize bearings to help ensure exceptional durability in applications where there are mechanical loads, vibrations and shocks that could otherwise affect the product. We have now further-developed the absolute versions of the Extreme 1000 series so that as well as supporting serial communication interfaces, such as SSI and EnDat, they also function fully with Profibus. The field bus interface Profibus is recognised globally as industry’s number one choice.”

Works with position and speed data
The encoders use Profibus to transfer position and speed data to the main control system. The pulse encoders for the new Extreme 1000 series were developed initially to meet the demands of the steel industry, but they are also suited to use in cranes and mining machinery. This series is ideal in demanding environments where mechanical reliability and service life are paramount, but where there is also often a risk of the encoder being treated roughly.

Reduces costs and makes installation easier
In addition to the benefits provided by Profibus, which include diagnostic functions and transfer performance in real time with DPV2, using an Extreme 1000 series encoder with integrated Profibus interface can make commissioning easier.

“Depending on the bus topology and how all the cabling is connected in the application, we can use our integrated solution to help reduce the overall amount of cable. Everyone knows that lengthy cables mean an increased risk of disruption and they can be very expensive. By optimising cabling and choosing an integrated encoder solution, our customers will be able to keep costs down,” concludes Tobias.

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