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Programmable absolute encoders ensure complete flexibility

Since different applications and machines require different kind of feedback systems, the Swedish encoder manufacturer Leine & Linde proudly announce a new series of programmable encoders with SSI interface.

The programmable SSI encoders are the natural choice for customers in need of an encoder which easily can be adapted to suit different types of machines. Due to the encoders programability functions such as scaling of the resolution, change of data format and counting direction imply that one uniqe encoder can be used in a vast variety of applications. Programability brings cost savings for the machine builders thanks to the reduction of encoder variants.

Installation has never been easier
Once an absolute encoder is about to be installed on a machine, it usually needs to synchronize its zero-position with respect to some known physical position of the machine. On the programmable SSI encoders can this “preset command” easily be set via dedicated wires. Optionally can the preset command also be set by a hardware push button directly located at the encoder, simplifying the commissioning of the device.

No special tools required for the programming
Programming of the encoder can easily be performed by an ordinary laptop computer equipped with programming software. The new programmable SSI encoder reaches a total resolution of 25 bits. Mechanically the series comes in either shaft or hollow-shaft versions. Enclosure is robust and reaches levels of IP67. Upon request can the series even be provided in stainless steel versions for the harshest environments.

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