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Two functions in one and the same encoder

Depending on the type of application, an absolute encoder is often needed for feedback of a position, or an incremental encoder for feedback of a rotary or linear speed.

But there are also applications that require one and the same encoder to measure both an absolute position and a speed – a combination encoder. This can either be due to space restrictions when there is not sufficient space to install two encoders in an application, but it can also obviously be a matter of cost. Leine & Linde is now launching a new model of the 600 series with the option of an SSI and HTL or RS-422 output.

The combination encoder is the natural choice for customers needing a product that can be used both for position and speed feedback. The encoder has a total absolute resolution of 25 bits and can be delivered with either 512 or 1024 PPR incremental resolution.

Simple installation

When an absolute encoder is to be installed, the encoder's start position must often be synchronised with a specific position on a machine shaft. On this encoder, zeroing and count direction is easily accomplished via conductors in the cable. Upon request, the encoder can even be supplied with a push-button so that zeroing can be conducted directly on the encoder. All to make it easier to put the encoder in service.

Mechanically it is supplied in either a solid or hollow shaft configuration, and either with cabling or an M23 connector. The enclosure is robust and complies with IP67 levels.

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