A crane in an outdoor environment is exposed to a lot of stress. Cold, heat, sun, rain and snow all cause wear to the components. Leine Linde's absolute position encoders are used in cranes to position the winch and wheels so that the load can be safely lifted to the right place. The motors powering the system must be able to rapidly adjust their speed to the current weight of the load, and incremental encoders are used for this.

Typical products

This is a selection of common products in the crane industry. Please consult us in order to find the best solution for your application.

Safe motion

FSI 900 – SIL-certified encoder solution with programmable safe limits.

Safety for drives

FSI 800 encoders – SIL-certified heavy-duty incremental encoders.

ADS Uptime™

Encoders with built-in ADS Uptime™ will enable monitoring the most relevant data from rotary installations and motors.

Overspeed – programmable speed switch

Leine Linde’s programmable speed detection system features relay switches for immediate speed control.


  • Incremental, dual
  • Solid shaft, hollow shaft
  • Diameter 100 mm


  • Incremental, absolute, dual
  • Solid shaft, hollow shaft
  • Diameter 58 mm