Pulp & paper

Reliability is a key factor within the pulp and paper industry. Production stoppages are very costly and must be avoided. It is extremely important to be able to regulate the speed of the rollers driving the paper forward with a high level of accuracy. Robust and accurate encoders play a central role in such systems. For sustained production, Leine Linde also offers a diagnostics function which monitors the condition of the encoder. This may result in more efficient production thanks to the possibility of planning the replacement of encoders and thereby avoiding unplanned production stoppages.

Typical products

This is a selection of common products in the paper industry. Please consult us in order to find the best solution for your application

ADS Uptime™

Encoders with built-in ADS Uptime™ will enable monitoring the most relevant data from rotary installations and motors.

Safe motion

FSI 900 – SIL-certified encoder solution with programmable safe limits.

Safety for drives

FSI 800 encoders – SIL-certified heavy-duty incremental encoders.


  • Absolute, dual
  • Solid shaft, hollow shaft
  • Diameter 100 mm


  • Incremental, dual
  • Solid shaft, hollow shaft
  • Diameter 100 mm


  • Incremental, absolute, dual
  • Solid shaft, hollow shaft
  • Diameter 58 mm