Project manager with special assignments

Consultant assignment to employment. Today, Anders Backström is the leader of a team responsible for fast customer projects and special solutions

Anders Backström is team leader of the assignment department in Research & Development. His role includes taking care of short assignments and customer-oriented projects. This can involve an order for a custom-made shaft to a batch of encoders or a customer that needs a product in a different material. It is then Anders Backström and his team who ensure the work gets done.

“We are responsible for new drawings being made, that the materials needed are ordered, and that the product can be put into production. We follow-up and ensure that the product has the qualities desired by the customer.

Anders Backström is a graduate engineer, educated at Linköping University and has worked at Leine Linde for six years. He started as a consultant, but the assignment resulted in employment after just two months. He sits in an open and light office, which he shares with five others. On the desk are cables and tools from the recently completed projects.

Fast pace

The team he leads often work against the clock.

As team leader it’s a question of prioritising and ensuring that the right things are done at the right time. For a new mechanical product we usually promise the customer a test device within 8-10 weeks. And we usually have four or five such projects running simultaneously.

How should it be at work for you to be happy?

“Good colleagues, a good atmosphere and challenging tasks. I like to be busy, balancing projects, with a great deal going on. When there is too little to do I become restless.”

What is the best thing about your job?

“Being involved and producing solutions to problems, when I feel I contribute to making a product better. We have a terrific atmosphere here, everyone can talk to each other and everyone helps out, there are never any problems in getting feedback on what you're doing.”