Incoming inspection

All goods delivered to Leine Linde first arrrive at the inspection room at the incoming inspection department. This is where measurement technicians Annika Jansson and Helene Minholm work.

Through their prompt processing and effective inspections of all incoming materials, the incoming inspection department serves a vital role in Leine Linde’s high delivery precision.

“Attention to detail is the most important part of our job,” says Annika Jansson, who previously worked both with sales and shipping at Leine Linde.

“If any faulty materials should pass through undetected, it would cause harm to our company as well as to our customers,” says Helene Minholm, who began as a short-term temporary employee and thought she would only be working at the company for six weeks.

Both have now worked together for a number of years and can look back on how the incoming inspection department has developed, and continues to develop. The reference temperature and humidity in the inspection room is always the same, but the number of products measured and received has increased, just as the measurement instruments and methods. When new products are developed, the department maintains close contact with the development department to define how each included part or product can be inspected and measured so that quality and function can be guaranteed.

An arrival inspection can be a matter of measuring the depth of drilled holes with consideration to both hole function and the exact angle of the drill bit's tip – or something completely different. It is essential to identify any deviations, regardless if there is one product, or thousands, to be delivered. If something does not agree with a drawing or specifications, it is returned – or remedied.

“That faults are promptly discovered saves both time and resources,” Annika Jansson explains. “We can also often help in solving problems and correcting faults. The variation and understanding the whole makes our job fun.”