The funnest job in the world

With its short delivery times, express orders and high rate of production, you can almost physically take the pulse of Leine Linde’s production. Despite this – or perhaps because of this – production manager Joakim Danielsson claims to have the funnest job in the world.

With annual production of hundreds of thousands of encoders and the capability to create a finished product in 48 hours or less, production must be free of disturbances and the equipment has to be in good working order.

“I want to constantly challenge myself and ask questions such as ‘Do I need to do this now or can we do it in a better way?’” says production manager Joakim Danielsson. “If something has gone wrong, how can we avoid a reoccurrence? Everything we do must be with the customer in mind. This is the basis for creating value and it permeates the entire organisation.”

Joakim Danielsson came to Leine Linde with experience from companies such as AstraZeneca, Saab and Bombardier, where he had worked with development, production and operational development. He replaced Per Andréason as the production manager, when Andréason moved on to his current position as the CEO.

“Something I've learned over the years is that cooperation and communication are a common denominator for success,” Danielsson says, and emphasises that the company has both. “I was extremely well received by the personnel from day 1. Everywhere you look, there is solid knowledge and an outstanding level of accountability.”

Leine Linde’s strength is in adapting and developing products and systems for its customers. This is naturally seen in production, with its flexible layout and organisation that can be adapted as needed. It is the production manager who also has the ultimate responsibility for the company’s facilities. They must be constantly adapted to operational needs and demands, and kept up-to-date in order to continue delivering products with the highest quality.

“What’s exciting about Leine Linde is the enormous potential we have,” says Joakim Danielsson. “Exciting products and several new system solutions and customer projects, along with the personnel’s experience and expertise, as well as facilities with good prerequisites for growth – all these things add up to me having the funnest job in the world!”