Perla and Helena

Leine Linde – developing both technology and people

At Leine Linde, your competence and ability is what counts – not who you are, where you are from or who you know. Maybe this is why so many female engineers thrive here?

Leine Linde develops encoders that are used to read rotational speed and position, but also makes sensors and electronics for industrial applications. The company is known for making products that work reliably even in the most demanding environments. Two of the company’s 150 employees in Strängnäs are Perla Munhoz and Helena Johansson. Perla Munhoz was attracted to the technology-driven company because it values innovation and product development. Today, she works as a product manager at Leine Linde’s marketing department.

– I have experience from different industries but this time I was mainly interested in working with electronics and I was attracted to Leine Linde as a company. I really like my job as a product manager – there is a lot going on and I like to work from start to finish with our products. Usually, I travel a lot to meet customers internationally so that I can stay in touch with the market, and that is a real privilege, says Perla Munhoz.

Room for variation

Helena Johansson started her career at Leine Linde as a production technician, but today she is a production manager.

– I enjoy the variation my role provides. I work strategically and proactively to develop our production, but I also have people reporting to me and a responsibility to find talented people that we can hire. I short, I make sure that our production works smoothly, says Helena Johansson.

Stimulating work drives the company forward

They both agree that among the best things with the company is the many development opportunities and that there is a good chance to take on more responsibility.

– The work is varied and stimulating. I learn things all the time. Leine Linde is focused on development and sees potential in both people and technology. We have a good camaraderie here, where we develop and strive towards common goals, says Perla Munhoz.

The predominately male industry is no issue

Within technology-driven industries there is an over-representation of men, but Helena Johansson says that at Leine Linde, what matters is your competence.

– There are women in all departments and over-all there is a good mix of people at the company as a whole. Leine Linde values camaraderie, diversity and representation, she says.

– I am a living example of that: I am a woman, comes from Brazil and work in a predominately male industry. But I have not faced any difficulties because of that. At Leine Linde we have a healthy company culture. It is a good place to work, where everyone who contributes are made welcome, says Perla Munhoz.