Lena Borg

HR Business Partner

Hi, my name is Lena Borg, and I work as HR Business Partner at Leine Linde.

Every year, Leine Linde offers summer jobs to a large number of young people. This is something that I am proud of. Providing young people with practical work experience and insight into life in the workplace is an important part of our corporate responsibilities.

Many of our summer workers have recently graduated from high school and are facing important decisions about their future. We hope to strengthen their interest in technology and inspire them to further studies.

Other summer workers are already at university and get a chance to benchmark their acquired competencies and add practical experience to them. They also get the opportunity to see the different jobs and career opportunities we can offer at Leine Linde.

Offering summer jobs is also valuable for us as an employer. Apart from summer workers being an important resource during summer vacations, it is also very inspiring to meet enthusiastic and ambitious young people. They provide a fresh perspective and can provide valuable input and suggestions for improvement. Above all, they are an important part of our talent acquisition.

Many of our permanent employees have started their careers as summer workers here. We operate in a global and innovative technical industry. Opportunities for career development are plenty also within the company, which we think makes us attractive as an employer to young talent.

Future engineers are extremely important for the continued growth and development of the technical industry in Sweden, and we are happy to provide them with practical experience from a live production environment.


Thank you all summer workers for this year, and welcome back!