Meet Ronja Colldén

Summer worker at the Forwarding department

Please introduce yourslef.

My name is Ronja Colldén and I am a student at Chalmers University of Technology where I study to become a marine engineer.

What are you job tasks?

I work in the shipping department, where I am responsible for the electrical car used to move items between the two buildings. Basically I move things back and forth. When I have spare time I also work at the Quality Control, where we make the final control of the encoders and sensors before they are shipped to the customers. I also pack products that are ready for delivery.

Why did you apply for this job?

I work here because my colleagues are very nice, and because I want to try new things. I have not worked in production before, and it would be interesting to see the complete production process.

What will you do after you leave here?

My plan is primarily to finish my current studies. After that, I will see how my life is like. I can choose to either go for a master’s degree or start looking for a job.