Meet William Wallin

Summer worker at the Final Assembly A

Please introduce yourself.

My name is William Wallin, and I just graduated from a technical high school. My big plan for the autumn is to start studies for a Master of Science in engineering.

What are you work tasks?

I work at Final Assembly A. I work with trimming, testing and assembly of the encoder housings that come from the Optics department and circuit boards from the Electronics department. Once we are finished with the testing and assembly we send the finished encoders to Quality Control in Building B where they are tested and verified before we ship them to the customer.

Why did you apply for this job?

The number one reason is that Leine Linde offers truly technical summer jobs, which many other companies do not do. I was very interested in that. That was my main reason for applying for this job.

What are you plans after the summer?

After this summer job, I will continue my studies. I will study electrical engineering at the Mid Sweden University in Sundsvall for the next five years.