Industrial encoder with retrofit flange

One of Leine Linde’s customers in the Korean steel industry recently wanted to replace an existing encoder from another encoder manufacturer with a modern Leine Linde inductive 600 series encoder equipped with a PROFIBUS interface. The existing mount was an old-fashioned ø65 mm flange. To simplify installation, Leine Linde engineers created a retrofit flange for the desired encoder model.

The retrofit flange provided seamless retrofit mounting of the Leine Linde ISA 698 encoder without any adaptions of the existing machinery. The same retrofit flange can be used, with little or no other adaptions, on nearly any Leine Linde 600 or 500 series encoder, for installation where a ø65 mm flange is the existing mounting interface. This includes both robust inductive and high resolution optical encoders.

If you are considering replacement of existing encoders, this retrofit solution or a similar one will make installation work on site quicker and minimize downtime, regardless of your industry and application.

For assistance with retrofit solutions, contact your nearest Leine Linde sales office.