Compact redundancy with double 700 encoders

Where space is limited our 700 series incremental encoders is a very popular choice for those looking for a robust and reliable encoder. Its compact format makes it the ideal choice for many applications where build length is an issue. One customer in the marine industry wanted a redundant solution for a ship motor where two 700 encoders had to be mounted on the motor in a crowded machine room.

This required a custom solution for mounting, which the Leine Linde engineers designed using standard components. The mounting kit consists of three mounting brackets, a torque arm and a shaft adapter. Using the mounting kit, the two encoders are mounted on top of each other, in a solution that is both compact and provides the required redundancy.

Double 700 encoders could also be used if you need to control the same motor from two different systems, or if you need speed information in two distinct resolutions.

If you need a project specific solution, do not hesitate to contact your nearest Leine Linde sales office for assistance.