Construction machinery

These machines are exposed to a lot of stress as they are constantly used outdoors in varying climates. Cold, heat, sun, rain and snow all cause extensive wear to the components. Apart from managing daily operations in such an environment, the encoder must be able to send data to the machine’s control system via the selected communications interface for a full overview of angles, positions and lengths. Leine Linde’s absolute encoder with the most common communications interfaces on the market is used for this purpose.

Typical products

This is a selection of common products in the construction machinery industry. Please consult us in order to find the best solution for your application.

Dual output encoders

Many of Leine Lindes encoders come with dual output for twin incremental and/or absolute signals. Space saving!


  • Absolute, dual
  • Solid shaft, hollow shaft
  • Diameter 100 mm


  • Incremental, absolute, dual
  • Solid shaft, hollow shaft
  • Diameter 58 mm