ADS Uptime for wireless service check-up

The next generation of this advanced diagnostic system is the ADS Uptime. ADS Uptime will be available for wireless service check-up via Bluetooth, as well as for system integration via OPC-UA, or both.

ADS Uptime - a tool for wireless service check-up

The wireless service check-up will facilitate maintenance and simplify the maintenance routines in production lines. Perform the service checkups on the go, via the ADS Uptime app in a mobile device. With effective maintenance check-up unplanned downtime can be avoided or greatly minimized.

ADS Uptime - a tool for finding the root cause

The new generation of encoder diagnostics solution from Leine Linde – ADS Uptime for wireless check-up will be your most reliable tool for minimizing downtime in the production line. You can easily get access to the important factors in a mobile device, in real-time or in history data. Analyzing data and finding the root cause of a breakdown or unusual performance during maintenance routines becomes just simple.

ADS Uptime - a tool for seeing the trends

Get detailed data for status, scanning quality, vibration, time in motion and more! Vibration is measured in both radial and axial directions for unsurpassed control. Values are stored in the encoder and easily accessible in the mobile device.

With ADS Uptime for wireless service check-up, all the relevant data can be seen in real-time or in history. This enables the maintenance technicians to detect unusual trends for the important factors in an early stage, and start practicing proactive maintenance.

ADS Uptime - a tool for setting warning levels

With ADS Uptime for wireless service check-up you can set alarms and receive warnings before a serious fault occurs. Set alarm values of your choice and receive warnings regarding vibration, scanning quality, temperatures, time in motion and more! 

See the trends and act before any serious faults occur at your plant!