ADS Upgrade Unit – Upgrade your encoders with diagnostics

Are you responsible for the maintenance of a paper machine and that it is not subject to unforeseen standstills? Do you want to know the remaining lifetime of your encoders?

Leine & Linde offers since a couple of years back the diagnostic system ADS online in order to determine the remaining lifetime of each installed encoder. New this year is the ADS upgrade unit, which can be bought as a separate module and installed at a later stage on an already running encoder in the 800 series. ADS online gives an overview of the service need of the encoders in the machine, so the maintenance can be planned well in time to avoid a standstill.

By monitoring the trend of the inner components performance as well as the environmental parameters like temperature and vibration it is possible to detect wear in an early stage, and give a signal for recommended change of encoder well in time before a failure occurs.