Programmable overspeed in Gateway and 800 series

An overspeed unit with programmable switching speeds – that is the latest addition of functionality available in Leine & Linde’s 800 series.

The heavy duty 800 series is already often the preferred choice when it comes to heavy duty industries. Along with the 800 series there is now also the possibility to have the functionality of programmable overspeed as a separate gateway solution.

Programming is made over USB with help of a PC software. Different switching speeds may be programmed for up to four separate relay outputs.


Apart from the 800 series and gateway Leine & Linde also offers overspeed in the 1000 series and solutions for safety according to SIL or PL. For such applications the solution is an incremental encoder like the 800 series, installed together with an external overspeed safety unit certified for safe speed. The safety unit monitors drive related safety functions such as overspeed, standstill and direction, based on the feedback from the encoder signal.