EtherNet/IP™ – robust encoder series and a gateway

Based on the requirements of the customer applications, three encoder series have been developed with EtherNet/IP™ communications.

For the most extreme environments, such as in steel and mining applications, the 1000 series is available with EtherNet/IP™ from Leine & Linde. The 900 series offers not only EtherNet/IP™ communication, in combination with incremental signals the encoder’s dual output makes it suitable in drive applications connected with the control system. In demanding environments where space is an issue, the 600 series with EtherNet/IP™, one of the most robust encoder in the ø58 mm market, will be the natural choice.

EtherNet/IP™ gateway functionality

The assortment of products becomes even more complete with a gateway, which enables connection via EtherNet/IP™ for EnDat encoders.

Using a gateway, the robust encoder can withstand an ambient temperature up to 100°C, while the sensitive connections to EtherNet/IP™ can be physically located away in a cabinet.

Gateways also allow for exchanging the encoders without interrupting bus communication to other nodes in the network, which reduces overall downtime.