DMI Converter – split signals increase usability

The Leine & Linde DMI Converter splits the signal from the encoder so that it can be used for parallel functions. DMI Converter can also be used for converting signal levels. It provides galvanic separation for input and both of the output signals.

With the DMI Converter, one encoder can supply parallel systems, like motion control, automation, or other desired applications, with input. It works with input signal levels RS422 or HTL and provides a choice of using one or both signal levels for output.

"This product supersedes our earlier Interface converter", says Tobias Lindh, Product Engineer at Leine & Linde. "It enables converting the encoder output signals to 5 or 9-30 Vdc according to the needs of the user."

The DMI Converter is DIN rail mountable and configures easily. It operates in temperatures from -25°C to +70°C, and supplements the Leine & Linde range of robust encoders and accessories for feedback on speed and position in demanding environments.