The shortest cycle time on the market with EtherCAT® encoders

Leine Linde’s series of absolute encoders with EtherCAT® interface support extremely short cycle times. Thanks to the optimised electronics, the encoders are able to provide position values in 31.25 microseconds.

The main argument for choosing Leine Linde’s encoders is durability. The robust design, combined with their reliability and ability to handle extremely long periods of operation despite temperature fluctuations, moisture, shocks and vibration, make the encoders the first choice in process industries with demanding production conditions. 

Faster automation systems

Fast feedback and precision are also important factors in present day automation systems and those of the future. When using an EtherCAT interface and a Leine Linde absolute encoder from the Industrial 600 or Premium 900 series, the cycle time can be as short as 31.25 microseconds. Leine Linde has optimised the electronics so that the encoder is able to read the value, process it in accordance with the chosen configuration and then supply it faster than any other EtherCAT encoder on the market today. This provides support to the fastest automation systems on the market, through reliable feedback on rotary movements in everything from process industries to steelworks and wind turbines.

Leine Linde’s encoders are available with a wide range of different output signals and fieldbus interfaces, such as EtherNet/IP™, DRIVE-CLiQ™, PROFINET®, PROFIBUS®, CANopen® and DeviceNet™ – all so that the feedback and control needs of industrial automation can be met.