Heavy duty encoder solutions for predictive maintenance

”When planning for predicitive maintenance, make full use of the encoders”, advises Product Manager Per-Johan Ahlström, from the encoder providing industry Leine & Linde. “Today’s rotary incremental encoders supply both diagnostics and operating environment data. An encoder is simply more than just an encoder.”

Predictive maintenance is noted among the key themes of Industry 4.0. The maintenance processes evolve from being preventive to being predictive. Finding the potential source of failure, before problems occur, is crucial.

“Encoders are perfectly suited for this, especially in heavy duty operations where their endurance is a fundamental trait, and securing uptime is of utmost importance”, Product Manager Per-Johan Ahlström explains. “Scheduling stops for switching the encoders by routine is unnecessary, because the encoder can tell about its condition, and also a lot about the condition of surrounding parts.”

A proven and appreciated solution

Leine & Linde’s advanced diagnostic system ADS was developed to permit the early detection of fault functions internally in rotary incremental encoders. The ADS Classic encoders quickly grew popular, especially embraced by paper, pulp and process industries. The diagnostics turned out to be very useful for deducting the cause of deviation and finding the source of error, which in many cases is an installation imbalance in the motor, or bearings starting to wear out. 

ADS Online – several sensors in one

With the next generation, ADS Online, the Leine & Linde encoder’s functions were expanded to encompass several sensors in one. This multi-sensor constantly reads off the levels for several environmental parameters in the encoder’s surroundings, including vibration, shaft speed, frequency, temperature, and supply voltage.

The system conducts automatic interpretation and analysis of detected internal deviations. Detailed logs for operational and environmental parameters are provided, and can be analysed by the included software or in the system of the users’ choice. The encoder provides recommendations for when to check the installation and how to correct deficiencies. 

ADS Upgrade Unit

There is also an ADS Upgrade Unit available. The unit can be purchased as a separate module and installed on any Leine & Linde 800-series encoder in operation. This simplifies the step into industry 4.0 for any existing drive system.