Leine Linde now represents LTN by offering personal contact for slip rings and resolvers in several countries

Together for the best solutions in transmission and feedback, for automation, motors & drives, and in heavy-duty markets! The Leine Linde sales force will serve as a personal contact also for products like slip rings, resolvers, rotary joints and linear transmission systems on several of the company’s markets.

LTN is Leine Linde’s sister company within the international Heidenhain Group. The two companies have gradually started cooperating with the aim to increase the market presence and product availability for the LTN products. This means that Leine Linde sales representatives can serve as the personal contact where LTN products are needed, in Germany, Italy, Denmark, Finland and the Baltic countries, Sweden and Norway, as well as for all wind market products in Spain, China, India, South Korea, and Brazil. 

The LTN product range includes slip rings for clear signal and load transmission, fail-safe resolvers for open & closed-loop control tasks, and rotary joints for precise fibre-optic information systems. The company also offers engineering solutions for all from prototype development to large-scale manufacturing within their fields of expertise. 

Find the LTN contact for the relevant region on the LTN's contact page.