New encoder solution for C-face motors

A bearingless NEMA standard C-face encoder with robust encapsulation is now available. It is designed for easy installation, with multiple connection capabilities and electrical interfaces to match users’ needs.

The latest addition to Leine Linde’s Bearingless 2000 series is the MRI 2850 encoder, available for flange mounting per the NEMA standard for C-face motors, hollow-shaft sizes 25-100 mm or 1-4 inches. The encoder construction builds on the well-proven technology where a ring with a magnetic band is mounted directly on the rotating shaft. The speed is detected by a fixed scanning head, or by two scanning heads if there is a need to achieve signal redundancy. The magnetic band and the scanning head are protected by robust aluminium encapsulation. 

Without ball bearings or other contact surfaces, this encoder will be immune to mechanical wear. Its mechanical service life is virtually unlimited.

The encoder MRI 2850 can be supplied with various resolutions, 1 – 16 383 ppr, as well as with electronic interfaces, such as HTL, RS422, and High-current HTL.