Slip rings and resolvers from LTN

Leine Linde will proudly serve as the personal contact in Spain for slip rings and resolvers from LTN Servotechnik. The company will be happy to be of service to both old and new customers.

With effect January the 1st, 2019, the Leine Linde office in Spain will change its name to Leine & Linde LTN S.L, with the same address and the same high level of ambition to care for the clients. Leine Linde LTN will be able to offer an expanded range of products, with slip rings and resolvers from LTN in addition to the wind products it is already selling, and of course the Leine Linde high-quality, robust encoders for heavy-duty industry applications.

LTN is Leine Linde’s sister company. Leine Linde and LTN are working together to serve the markets with the best solutions in transmission and feedback, for automation, motors & drives, and industries with harsh environmental conditions.

The LTN product range includes slip rings for clear signal and load transmission, fail-safe resolvers for open & closed-loop control tasks, and rotary joints for precise fibre-optic information systems. The company also offers engineering solutions for all from prototype development to large-scale manufacturing within their fields of expertise.

It will be a pleasure to attend to your demands, so don’t hesitate to contact us”, says Francesc Comas, Country Manager of Spain and Portugal. “We are very happy to be of service to both old and new customers.

Find out more about LTN’s product range at