Extended encoder series manages safe functions

In the Leine Linde FSI 900 series there are now encoder variants with incremental output signals. An FSI 900 encoder is a safety system integrated in an encoder with absolute inductive scanning. The safety system can take care of monitoring of end limits, acceleration, overspeed and standstill in a functionally safe manner, for the application where it is installed.

The FSI 900 encoder can now be ordered either with incremental output or fieldbus communication, for access to the encoder’s speed or position data. This makes the FSI 900 encoder a central part of the automation or drive system, while it is also managing the safe functions in accordance with the Machinery Directives by its programmable failsafe relay outputs. 

FSI 900 encoder managing safe functions such as power off and brake activation in paper application.

Example of safe functions in paper machine, FSI 900 with incremental output.