Chinese CCC Ex certification for zones 1/21 (800 series encoder)

Any machinery used in China from 1 October 2020 must comply with the Chinese standards regarding hazardous locations. Leine Linde is therefore happy to announce that our popular encoder XHI 841, used with motors and drives, is already certified to the CCC Ex standards. XHI 841 can thus be used with machinery intended for operation, in hazardous locations zone 1 or 21, in Chinese facilities.

As a supplier of machinery and automation solutions to Chinese process industries and manufacturing facilities, you can use the XHI 841 encoder on motors and drives in zones 1 or 21 to provide speed feedback and relative position and angular information to the control. XHI 841 is the first European encoder to receive a CCC Ex certification. Previous certifications include ATEX, EAC Ex and IECEx, making the XHI 841 a universal solution for applications in potentially explosive atmospheres.

XHI 841 is part of Leine Linde’s 800 Heavy duty series of robust, reliable, maintenance free and cost effective encoders intended for use in demanding applications that are common in the steel, paper, marine and wind power industries. It uses High-Current HTL (HCHTL) signals for long distance transmission.

The flameproof enclosure consists of aluminium flange, housing, back cover, and a stainless steel hollow shaft. The encoder is installed directly on the motor shaft or on a shaft extension. The electrical outputs are all closed circuit protected both to 0V and to supply voltage. A filled cable and Ex-certified gland can be included as accessories.

XHI 841 can be delivered with a self-diagnostic system, ADS Classic, which enables condition-based maintenance in systems where maximized uptime is a priority.