Encoder with GORE-TEX valve for extra humid environments

The ISA 698 encoder with GORE-TEX valve was originally developed for rock drilling rigs in the mining industry. The new GORE-TEX valve prevents moisture from accumulating inside the encoder. Instead, it enables a one-way release of moisture to keep the inside of the encoder dry, for optimal operation.

Encoders with GORE-TEX valves are suitable for use in humid environments where the temperature fluctuates, for example:

  • Rigs for drilling and mining
  • Cranes in docks & marine applications
  • Mobile machines & outdoor applications
  • Steel mills or other process industries that use water-cooling
Product specification ISA 698  
Type ISA
Model 698 Multiturn
Shaft type Ø6 mm round
Flange type Synchro flange (63-type)
Absolute resolution    25 bit
Output interface  CANopen
Connection type 2xM12
Special feature GORE-TEX valves

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