YAWMO® - yaw motion monitoring sensors

The YAWMO® solutions from Leine Linde are robust position sensors adapted to the specific needs and demands of wind turbines today and tomorrow. High availability is an important aspect! This is achieved by the reliable and durable components for accurate position measurement and yaw motion monitoring. Where certified safety functions in accordance with the machinery directive (2006/42/EG) and IEC 61400 are needed, the solution can be found in a product designed for the exact function.

Exceptional requirements

The 600 YAWMO® is a position sensor with premounted pinion wheel for axis rotation in wind turbines and other large machines.

FSI 900 YAWMO® is a position sensor with integrated functionally safe limit switch, developed for the yaw (azimuth) motion monitoring of the wind turbine nacelle.

In many applications where functionally safe motion monitoring is necessary with regard to the machinery directives, for example RTG cranes, mobile cranes and conveyor belts, Leine Lindes FSI 900 solutions are used. You will find them in machines and applications operating under the toughest of conditions. Extreme environments where vibrations, moisture, disturbances, heat and cold mean exceptional requirements in terms of material and design.  

A registered trademark

YAWMO® is a registered trademark for Leine Linde's position measurement solutions supplied with customized pinion wheel mounting, which are very appreciated when monitoring large axis rotation. To find out more, please contact your nearest Leine Linde office.