Ex certified magnetic ring encoders for hazardous areas

Leine Linde’s robust, bearingless encoders for large shafts are now available for use in hazardous environments. Approvals include a cULus listing, plus ATEX and IECEx certification.

Avoid ignition hazards in explosive atmospheres

The new encoders MRI 2854 and MRI 2242/2342 will help you minimize ignition hazards in zones 1 (gas) where it is likely that an explosive atmosphere will occur during normal operation.

  • cULus listed, with USL and CNL certificates
  • ATEX certified
  • IECEx certified

High-resolution output for large-dimension shafts

MRI 2854 is mounted at the end of the shaft, it comes prepared with a NEMA 8.5” C-face for motors. MRI 2242/2342 is ring mounted and can be placed directly onto large shafts. Both provide a resolution of 1-16383 ppr.

Extreme durability in tough environments

The bearingless, magnetic Ex-proof encoders require minimal maintenance and are designed for use in tough environments. They come with a sturdy enclosure in anodized aluminum and are resistant to high moisture, salt water, temperature fluctuations and vibrations, common for example in the oil and gas industry. Without ball bearings or other contact surfaces, they are practically immune to mechanical wear.

Where maximized uptime is required, add the optional ADS Uptime to monitor the encoder’s key functionality as well as tracking of environmental parameters that enable condition-based maintenance of your machinery.