Splash-proof stainless steel encoder

Some of the liquids that are processed in the food industry are really acidic. Cleaning agents and other aggressive substances are frequently used in and around the machines and encoders used must withstand occasional splashes and exposure to such fluids. For one of these machine manufacturers, Leine Linde developed a splash-proof and corrosion resistant absolute encoder used for positioning and synchronization in a packaging and filling machine used in the dairy industry.

The encoder housing and encapsulation of this RSA 500 series is made of stainless steel grade 1.4404 to prevent corrosion. To minimize the number of possible leakage points, we used a press-fit assembly instead of a standard assembly. This way of assembling the encoder eliminates screws and screw holes where processed food, bacteria and other pollutants otherwise could accumulate. To further protect the encoder from acidic liquid intrusion, its body can be slightly pressurized using compressed air. The air hose needed connects to a dedicated threaded connection point on the encoder’s back.

The result is a splash-proof, IP 67 rated, corrosion resistant encoder which could be used in applications that process fruit juices or other acidic or corrosive liquids, either in the food- or other chemical industries. If you need a similar solution, Leine Linde can develop it based on your specific requirements.

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