Impulse Magazine

  • Jubilee issue

    50 years of robust encoders! From two engineers with a feel for the technology to a company with market-leading products in a global market. Follow their story, and more about the technology and people of today, in the latest Impulse magazine!
  • Safe motion

    FSI 900 – more than a safe absolute encoder. Make sure that speed, acceleration, and end positions keep within safe limits in a functionally safe manner, certified in accordance with SIL2/PLd category 3.  Read all about this and more in the latest Impulse magazine. 
  • Pioneering technology

    Indar chooses the Leine & Linde 2000 series to meet the powers of the sea. The company has a long tradition of building propulsion motors for vessels and large yachts. Relevant products and development bring added value to the oil and gas industry.  Read all about this and more in the latest Impulse magazine. 
  • Perfect precision

    BillerudKorsnäs’ Gruvön paper mill produces world-leading packaging materials. Speed is monitored using Leine & Linde's encoders and the ADS Online diagnostics system. No less than 4,500 tonnes is moved with perfect precision every five minutes, without any interruption. Leine & Linde's encoders safeguard the operation of the lock gates in the new Panama Canal.
  • On the right track

    AQ Mekatronik manufactures master controllers for the SJ 3000, and other modern trains across the world, equipped with custom-made absolute encoders from Leine & Linde. The communication interface DRIVE-CLiQ is Siemens’ new Ethernet-based protocol for connection of incremental and absolute encoders.
  • World premier for ADS Online

    Encoders with built-in diagnostics system: the new ADS Online system entails diagnostics in real-time, wherever you may be. Leine & Linde also complements its broad assortment of encoders for drives. The new 700 series is constructed with a more compact design for use in tight spaces.
  • Encoders for extreme environments

    Meet the Extreme 1000 series, encoders that are untroubled by heat, chemicals and vibrations. Read about l ocal presence for better support, and p roducts for Ex environments.