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Leine Linde at SPS 2021

It has been a long time, but at SPS (Smart Product Solutions) 2021, we will be back on the exhibition floor. We are bringing some of your favorite Leine Linde people to Nuremberg and quite a few new products as well! More information below.

The SPS exhibition

The SPS exhibition will take place on 23-25 November 2021 at the NürnbergMesse in Nuremberg, Germany. Opening hours are 9 am – 6 pm on day 1 & 2 and 9 am to 5 pm on the last day.

New inductive technology in motion control

Our new heroes – the M500 series

Small, robust and versatile. Meet the new line of encoders that will become your future heroes.

Each of these incremental and absolute encoders comes with its own unique set of talents. Their common superpower lies in the complete and utter disrespect for contamination and electrical and magnetic disturbances. Such things will not affect the scanning quality or performance of these encoders at all.

Our engineers took proven inductive scanning technology and migrated the technology into a smaller ø58 mm format. We already have 4 different models using this technology to display at SPS.

More information will come!

Benefits of inductive encoders

Depending on what you value the most, the inductive scanning can be used to:

  • Extend encoder lifetime, to match your machine’s lifetime and to reduce the total cost of ownership

  • Reduce encoder size, while maintaining the superior performance and environmental robustness

  • Simplify installation and enhance encoder performance under extra rough conditions without increasing encoder size

Going forward, it will be possible to specify which level of performance you need in your application and get a solution with a matching price tag.


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Encoders with extra features

Ex encoders

A growing range of Leine Linde encoders are certified for use in hazardous areas, classified as zones 1, 2, 21 and 22, where an explosive environment may occur.

Products on display include encoders with the follow certifications:

  • ATEX (Europe)

  • EAC Ex (Russia and Eurasian economic union)

  • IECEx (Support national compliance worldwide)

  • CCC Ex (China) (new)

  • UL-listing (North America)

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Encoders for hazardous (Ex) locations

Functional safety encoders

Encoders with integrated safety functionality are used to achieve a functionally safe solution. Leine Linde FSI encoders can be used either mounted for direct motor feedback or to a driven machine in need of approved SIL/PL classified safety functions.

Products on display at SPS

  • Speed feedback encoders with integrated functional safety and safe signals (product news)

  • Position feedback encoders with both integrated functional safety and safe relay outputs (product news)

  • Position feedback encoder with both integrated functional safety, safe relays and incremental output for your drive (product news)

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Functional safety encoders

Encoders with condition monitoring

By providing relevant diagnostics, encoders today are so much more than just encoders. With their condition monitoring functionalities, they enable predictive maintenance and problem-free operation time.

Products on display at SPS

  • Incremental encoder with condition monitoring

  • Magnetic ring encoder for large shafts, with condition monitoring (product news)

  • Monitoring software

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Condition monitoring

Do you want your encoders to do more?

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Encoders for large drives

Encoders for large and very large drives

The Leine Linde product range includes encoders for large and very large drives, with solutions for shafts of any size. Models include optical, inductive and magnetic encoders and that are suitable for speed feedback on larges AC and DC motors. A growing number of our encoders are certified for use in EX environments and even with condition monitoring. Some of these will be on display at SPS.

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Heavy duty encoders

Encoders for hazardous (EX) locations

Encoders for very large shafts

Products on display at SPS

  • Encoders for shaft diameters up to 25 mm          

  • Bearing-based or bearingless encoders for shaft diameters 25-100 mm (product news) 

  • Bearingless encoders for shaft diameters 100 mm and higher (product news)

Large motor shaft? No problem!

We have encoders that fits larger diameters and are easy to mount.

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Industries in the spotlight

Wind power turbines

Reliable sensor solutions increase the efficiency and the lifetime of the wind power plant, which leads to a significantly lower levelized cost of energy (LCOE). Leine Linde encoders and sensors are made to fit – mechanically, electrically and with the right signals and interfaces.

Products on display at SPS

  • Incremental encoders for generator speed feedback

  • Absolute encoders for position feedback in electric pitch systems

  • Bearingless magnetic encoders for large shafts and limited space

  • YAW system encoders (new)

  • Condition monitoring solutions

  • Strain monitoring

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Encoders and sensors for wind energy applications


Ensure full availability and uninterrupted operation of cranes equipped with products from Leine Linde. Our encoders and sensors can be trusted to deliver accurate data even in challenging coastal environments to keep cranes in operation, around the clock, no matter the weather or season.

Products on display at SPS

  • Incremental encoders for speed feedback of hoist motors

  • Absolute encoders for position feedback on RTG wheels or cable reel

  • Solutions for monitoring and preventing overspeed, underspeed and out-of-limit position

  • Functional safety encoders with SIL approval (product news)

  • Strain monitoring sensor (product news)

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Encoders and sensors for crane applications

Heavy-duty process automation

Heavy-duty process automation, in for example steel or paper mills, require precision measurement with high resolution – with maximum uptime. Leine Linde encoders can be trusted to deliver precise data, month after month and year after year - even in demanding environments.

Products on display at SPS

  • Incremental encoders for speed feedback

  • Absolute encoders for position feedback

  • Linear encoders (product news)

  • Encoders for extreme environments    

  • Programmable speed switch

  • Encoders with condition monitoring for better uptime and less maintenance

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Encoders for pulp & paper

Encoders for steel mills

Looking for industry specific encoder solutions?

Contact us to get recommendations on which encoders to use for your specific application.

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The exhibition

Find us in Hall 4A, Booth 210

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