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Online showcase event - Leine Linde encoder news 2022

Do not miss this broadcast from our flagship showroom at the Leine Linde HQ! Take the opportunity to catch up on the very latest in encoder technology.

Leine Linde product management will be online to show the best of the products we developed during 2021. As we could not travel or do in-person meetings we used more time and resources doing product development.

We are ready to show you the result on January 27 when CEO Per Andréason will welcome you to the showroom broadcast.

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New, inductive encoders

Our new inductive encoders are the first in a product series that we believe will become future heroes, solving current issues in demanding applications as well as meeting the challenges of tomorrow.

Inductive technology enables:

  • Extended encoder lifetime – possibly matching your machine lifetime

  • Excellent performance in extremely rough environments

  • Smaller and lighter encoders

Presented by Magnus Johnson, Manager of Product management.


More than an encoder

Encoders with added features simplifies implementation of functional safety, helps you increase uptime or provide EX certified solutions which can be implemented globally.

  • Encoders for functional safety

  • Condition monitoring solutions for increased uptime

  • EX certified encoders

Encoders for large drives

How large can we go? The Leine Linde encoder product range for large shafts is growing and includes also compact, easy to mount encoders for very large shafts.

Presented by Pär Lundström, Product manager.

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Meet your future encoder hero

MZI 594 with sliding shaft design