ADS Uptime™

– more data for proactive maintenance

Encoders with built-in ADS Uptime™ will enable monitoring the most relevant data from rotary installations and motors. ADS solutions will naturally simplify the move from preventive maintenance, to start practising proactive maintenance. 

Data from the encoder enables adjustments of factors that otherwise would reduce lifetime of the machine as a whole. When all the motor installations are correct, problems will be avoided, and production downtime is signficantly reduced. 

  • Get detailed data for status, frequency, time in motion, and more!
  • Vibration is measured in both radial and axial directions for unsurpassed control.
  • Set alarms for the values of your choice.

What does a stop in production cost? Today, you can receive early warnings before any serious fault in the production line occurs, thanks to encoder diagnostics. One single prevented production stop could pay back the cost of all the ADS encoders at the plant. 

ADS Uptime™ for Wireless Service Check-up

ADS Uptime™ is now available for wireless service check-up via Bluetooth. The wireless service check-up will facilitate maintenance, but also drive system management, production planning and operation. Perform the service check-ups on the go, via the app in a mobile device.

  • Analyse graphs to compare deviations or changes and react to the trends.
  • Get reports and be able to forestall potential problems.
  • Values are stored in the encoder and easily accessible at your fingertips.
  • Available in encoders in the 800 series.

  Download ADS Uptime app

Download the ADS Uptime™ app on Google Play and connect the ADS Uptime™ encoder.

Download ADS Uptime app on App Store


Download the ADS Uptime™ app on App Store and connect the ADS Uptime™ encoder.

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