– programmable speed switch

In heavy duty applications, like in steel industry or in cranes, it is common that an incremental encoder signal needs to be complemented with a separate relay output for overspeed indication. This is typically used to prevent falling loads, or to protect motors and machines from breakdowns. Thereby, standstills and costly production losses can be avoided. 

The critical speed limits vary with the exact motor types and applications. In the same plant there may therefore be a need of different speed limit configurations on different drives. This is one of the reasons why Overspeed, the integrated programmable speed switch solution from Leine & Linde, is so appreciated!

Flexible speed range 0-6000 rpm

Overspeed is a programmable speed detection system, and features four different relay switches for immediate speed control. In an enclosed easy-to-use software, you will set your own values for overspeed, underspeed, standstill, or direction. 

Leine & Linde’s solution provides great flexibility as the speed range covers 0-6000 rpm. The same unit may be used for different installations, programmable with the settings needed for every specific use.

Overspeed can be integrated in an encoder from the 800 series or the 1000 series as an option. It can also be acquired as a separate unit, Overspeed module. Programming is made over USB with help of an included PC software.