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  • Robust EtherNet/IP encoders

    Robust EtherNet/IP™ encoders

    For systems using EtherNet/IP™, new opportunities are becoming available for using Leine & Linde’s assortment of robust, high-performance encoders.

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  • 900 series PROFINET - compact and competent!

    The 900 series PROFINET encoders are available with dual output for both absolute and incremental signals.

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  • ADS Online Upgrade Unit

    Upgrade your encoders with diagnostics.

    New this year is the ADS upgrade unit, which can be bought as a separate module and installed at a later stage on an already running encoder in the 800 series. 

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  • Fast feedback of position, speed and acceleration value

    With no underlying subsystems and the industrial Ethernet communication protocol, the EtherCAT interface is stable, flexible and fast. 

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  • Programmable overspeed in Gateway and 800 series

    An overspeed unit with programmable switching speeds – that is the latest addition of functionality available in Leine & Linde’s 800 series. 

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