Continued support for CAN non-profit organization CiA

Leine Linde has renewed our membership in CiA (CAN in Automation), the non-profit user’s and manufacturer’s group developing and promoting CAN technologies in automation.

Standardized CANopen and application profiles for encoders and such simplify the task of integrating, configuring and operating a CANopen system for many of our customers. CANopen is a generic high-layer CAN-based protocol often used on mobile machinery, cranes and other industrial automation systems. The protocol offers communication objects that can transmit process data such as position values or speed information from an encoder, device error conditions and be used for control of the process network.

CANopen interfaces are available on several of Leine Linde’s encoder series, including the inductive multi-turn absolute encoder series 600 Industrial, the optical single turn 500 Robust series and our line of heavy duty 1000 Extreme series. CANopen can also be offered based on our gateway concept used together with any EnDat compatible Leine Linde encoder, for example the absolute SIL2 approved functionally safe FSI 900 series.

CiA was founded in 1992 and Leine Linde has been a member and developed CAN based products since 1994.