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Leine Linde unites its sales operations in Scandinavia and the Baltics with HEIDENHAIN

in March 2024, Leine Linde will begin to reshape its sales organization in Scandinavia and the Baltics to support business growth and further strengthen customer service.

Leine Linde’s products and solutions are known to be suited for heavy-duty operations located in harsh environments. HEIDENHAIN is a leading innovator in the field of motion sensors within automation, robotics and drive systems. Since 1992, HEIDENHAIN has been the owner of Leine Linde, and during the years, the two companies have built a strong and trusted partnership.  

This consolidation marks a significant step forward in our joint commitment to delivering quality products and outstanding service to our customers,”

says Per Andréason, CEO at Leine Linde

Meeting future customer needs

During 2024, Leine Linde’s sales operations in Scandinavia and the Baltics will be included in the company HEIDENHAIN Scandinavia AB, a wholly owned subsidiary of Dr. Johannes Heidenhain GmbH. This is the first step towards a global and efficient organization that offers cutting-edge products and solutions to meet future customer needs. 

“By uniting Leine Linde’s and HEIDENHAIN’s sales operations, our customers will be offered a wider range of encoder and sensor solutions for additional industries and applications in an extended geographic area,” says Per Andréason.

“We want to provide a seamless experience for our customers, with extensive technical support and personalised service.” 

Single point of contact

The aim is to continue day-to-day business and provide customers with unchanged service and support during the consolidation process. 

“Customers can expect a more efficient and convenient purchasing process. Our consolidated sales force will provide a single point of contact for all their encoder and sensor needs, along with expert support and the latest innovations,” says Per Wincent, CEO at HEIDENHAIN Scandinavia AB. 

Optimized sales force 

As a result of the reorganisation, HEIDENHAIN can make the overall sales structure of the group even more efficient with optimized synergies and reduce administrative costs. 

“This new sales organisation will have the resources, scale and expertise to meet a changing market and customer demands and ensure both companies stay profitable in the future,” concludes Per Wincent. 

Per Andréason

CEO Leine & Linde AB


Per Wincent