Work at Leine Linde

There are plenty of reasons to work at Leine Linde! But in order to enjoy working with us, you must share our fundamental values.

Employees shape the company

Leine Linde believes that everybody’s contribution counts. Through cooperation and team spirit, we can achieve better results together. We respect one another and our individual skills. We also value trust, consideration, and a good sense of community.

An open working culture

Leine Linde values flexibility and receptiveness. This means having the ability to understand and meet the requirements and expectations of our employees. We value and encourage personal initiative and willingness to constantly identify opportunities for improvement.

A global company

Leine Linde’s head office is in Strängnäs, and has a global presence that includes more than 100 markets in all parts of the world. And owing to our international breadth, you will have the whole world as your workplace.

Are you the employee we’ve been looking for?

We are always on the lookout for new employees working in our core areas. Do you have experience in electronics production or in research & development? Have you worked with customer service in product support or in a sales and marketing department? If so, we’d like to get to know you better. Send your CV together with a brief cover letter by email.

Work on your degree project with us!

Here at Leine Linde we believe it is important to maintain close links with students, research institutes and the academic world.

Degree projects serve as an important forum for partnerships of this sort. At present, we do not have any planned projects, but we are sure you have some ideas. We will be happy to listen to your proposals and encourage you to contact us to discuss how your ideas can be realised. Send your proposals by email.

Meet our employees

Production manager - Joakim

Despite its short delivery times, express orders and high rate of production – or perhaps because of this – production manager Joakim claims to have the funnest job in the world.

Measurement technician - Annika and Helene

All goods delivered to Leine Linde first arrrive at the inspection room at the incoming inspection department.

Strategic buyer - Anna

As a strategic buyer, Anna Dahl is a key player in Leine Linde's procurement processes in order to face the increasingly tough competition.

Project manager - Anders

Consultant assignment to employment. Today, Anders Backström is the leader of a team responsible for fast customer projects and special solutions.