Work at Leine Linde

There are many reasons to work at Leine Linde! To fit in with the existing team, it is a prerequisite that you share our core values. At Leine Linde, we have high requirements on professionalism. That includes good cooperative skills, an open, non-assuming attitude and a willingness to improve, both as an individual and as a team. We will make sure to draw on the knowledge and experience you bring with you, while sharing our knowledge with you.

We offer a workplace that is international in its character, even if the company culture in large part is typically Swedish. In addition to the headquarters in Strängnäs, we have several subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and South America, which - in cooperation with selected distributors and other companies within the group - provide a global market reach.

Leine Linde is a thriving Swedish company that has reached international success. We are a market-leading manufacturer of encoders, sensors and electronics for industrial applications. Our products are used mainly to determine position and speed, and are known for their durability, performance and reliability. We have continuous product development, focused on finding solutions that solve customer problems or bring extra value to their operations. This is true both for our standard products and for any customer specific solutions we develop.

In employee surveys, we rate high as an employer, thanks to our good working environment, a healthy company culture and ample access to company-sponsored physical exercise and wellness activities.

Are you our next colleague?

We continuously search for new talent with experience from electronics manufacturing, research and development, technical customer support or experience in sales and marketing. Send us an e-mail, attaching your CV and a short introductory note.

Master thesis projects at Leine Linde

Your master thesis project can be a good first step towards the career you want. At Leine Linde we value our relationship to students and the academia and are happy to accommodate students that want to do their master thesis with us. For some, this has been the first step to a permanent position in our product development team.

At this time, we have no open listings for student thesis projects, but if you have an idea you want to pitch, please contact us. We are happy to listen and evaluate if your ideas fit with our overall research and development plans.

Meet our employees

Perla and Helena

At Leine Linde, your competence and ability is what counts – not who you are, where you are from or who you know. Maybe this is why so many female engineers thrive here?

Production manager - Joakim

Despite its short delivery times, express orders and high rate of production – or perhaps because of this – production manager Joakim claims to have the funnest job in the world.

Measurement technician - Annika and Helene

All goods delivered to Leine Linde first arrrive at the inspection room at the incoming inspection department.

Strategic buyer - Anna

As a strategic buyer, Anna Dahl is a key player in Leine Linde's procurement processes in order to face the increasingly tough competition.

Project manager - Anders

Consultant assignment to employment. Today, Anders Backström is the leader of a team responsible for fast customer projects and special solutions.