M500 – Your future heroes

Our new line of inductive encoders, the M500 series, is designed to meet the challenges of today, as well as the requirements of tomorrow.

Several variants can be delivered already today, in full compliance with current industrial standards in terms of mechanical and electrical interfaces. Others are defining future standards through their innovative new features.

Group image of M500 series

Even longer lifetime

Bearingless inductive encoders have the best possible lifetime expectancy. As there is no mechanical wear, encoders may well have a lifetime that matches that of the machine it is used on.

The M500 series encoders are also supplied with bearings. A good way to increase lifetime of an encoder is to increase the size of its bearings. With the new inductive technology, encoders can stay small even if larger bearings are used.

Increased performance in extreme environments

Inductive encoders are almost immune to dirt, humidity and electrical or magnetic fields and will continue to deliver high-accuracy, high-resolution measurements even in the worst environments. They are extremely resistant to shock and can be used in applications where severe vibration is present. Neither shock nor vibrations affects the scanning performance of inductive encoders.

Smaller, lighter encoders

Now, when Leine Linde engineers have implemented the inductive scanning technology on the ø58 mm format, we can make encoders that are smaller and lighter, while maintaining the robustness, reliability and performance our customers expect from a Leine Linde encoder.

How to benefit?

To include the new technology in your own product development, contact us to initiate a collaboration where our engineers will design an adapted solution for your specific needs.

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Current models in the M500 series

The M500 series is our answer to some of the challenges that our customers face today. Each of the encoders we show at SPS comes with its own unique set of talents, tailored for a specific type of use.

Their common superpower is the inductive scanning technology that make them immune to contamination and electrical and magnetic fields.

MZI 594

Developed in collaboration with wind turbine manufacturers

  • Superior lifetime, bearingless

  • Sliding shaft assembly

  • IP69 encapsulation grade

MHI 594 20hs

Developed for manufacturers of large and medium-sized motors

  • Smaller, lighter and shorter

  • Large blind hollow shaft

  • SIEMENS and ABB compliant mounting

MHI 594 12ths

Developed in partnership with crane manufacturers

  • Improved lifetime

  • Unaffected by humidity and contamination

  • Only 1 tool required for installation

MSI 593

Developed for enhanced performance in automation

  • Less sensitive to shock and vibration

  • Unaffected by humidity and contamination

  • Absolute position encoder with EnDat

  • Incremental HTL, TTL or RS-422 output

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