Warranty & Repairs

Leine Linde does not repair products. Where warranty is approved, we instead replace the product with a new unit free of charge.

Important: Please also take note of the Basic conditions below.

As part of our continuous efforts to improve our products and the way in which our customers use them, we instead offer two levels of fault tracing:

  1. Analysis
    An initial analysis is performed, including function testing and inspection of a returned product, in order to decide whether or not the return should be accepted as a claim. 

  2. Technical inspection
    At the customer's request, a more thorough technical investigation may be carried out into the cause of the fault. The customer is charged a fee of EUR 220 for this service. A detailed technical report is created.

Either form of report is then issued via the customer's sales contact. 

Do you wish to return a Leine Linde product for analysis and/or technical inspection? Please contact your local sales office or distributor.

Basic conditions

In order for function testing to be performed, the encoder/product has to be as complete as possible. If the product is disassembled, important clues to how an error occurred might be destroyed. This should be avoided as it might lead to misinterpretation of the cause of failure.

During analysis or technical inspection, the product will undergo partially destructive disassembly, testing and investigation. This is done in order to identify any faults caused by abnormal wear and tear, environment, etc. which cannot otherwise be identified. As a consequence, a product that is sent to Leine Linde for inspection cannot be used, and therefore will not be returned to the customer. It will be stored for a waiting time (at least one month) and then be discarded in an environmentally friendly manner.

In case of significant damage caused by the customer or by some other outside party, we reserve the right to refuse to carry out the analysis or technical inspection. The customer will in this case be offered to purchase a new encoder.