Enhance performance

Several of the most robust rotary encoders on the market come from Leine Linde. These encoder solutions have extremely high durability and accuracy, which make them the most suitable components for functional safety systems.

Functional safety means more than fulfilling the machine directive 2006/42/EC and its harmonized standards. Being safe includes being able to trust the equipment and machinery. Therefore, it concerns not only the reduction of risk, but also avoiding failures.

Functional safety relies on active systems. Decades of designing encoders for industries with tough operating conditions and extreme environments have proven how well the Leine Linde products live up to external challenges, minimizing downtime. These encoders maintain their accuracy – despite temperature differences, dirt, shock and constantly recurring vibrations – providing critical input into the running system.

Safe motion

FSI 900 with functional safety integrated.

Safety for drives

SIL2/PLd certified heavy duty incremental encoders for critical applications.

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