Functional safety encoders: robust, reliable, and certified

Leine Linde offers a range of robust rotary encoders that stand out as some of the finest in the market. These encoder solutions are well-known for their outstanding durability and precision, making them the ideal choice for functional safety systems.

Product range functional safe encoders

Leine Linde's functional safety encoders are suitable for various demanding environments and applications, including motors and drives, cranes and hoists, wind turbines, and automation systems. They are SIL2 and PLd certified, which demonstrate their robustness and reliability. These encoders are developed in close collaboration with users, ensuring they meet the highest standards. By opting for a certified encoder, you simplify the certification process for your machinery.


Expertise in installation

Our deep expertise in installing and working with functional safety encoders is shown through our diverse range of models, adaptation options, and solutions. These encoders are:

  • Functional Safety Certified
  • Designed for stable, safe and simple installation
  • High-performance, reliable and robust
  • Easy to install and integrate with safety systems 


Various mechanical variants 

We offers mechanical variants with hollow-shaft and shaft mounting arrangements, ensuring a perfect fit for applications like hoists and motors. The availability of options such as key, keyway, or dowel pins is appreciated by many customers. The FSI 800 encoders, for instance, provide safe incremental signals for motor feedback, offering excellent slip-free solutions. Additionally, the FSI 900 encoders deliver functionally safe motion monitoring and come with built-in safety-certified limit switches. Tailored solutions, like the FSI 900 YAWMO®, feature customized, slip-free, and backlash-free pinion wheels for secure and robust mounting.


Unmatched durability and precision

All Leine Linde encoders has a exceptional durability and accuracy, making them the prime choice for functional safety systems. Compliance with the EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and its harmonized standards is a prerequisite for machinery in the EU, but safety encompasses more than just regulations.

Being safe means being able to trust the equipment and machinery – of course for personal safety and risk reduction, but also to know that failures and unnecessary production stops are avoided. With the right functional safety encoders, operational performance and availability will be increased!


Designing a safe system

Discover how to determine the safety requirements of your application by downloading the Functional Safety brochure (pdf). This resource provides insights into using PFH (probability of a dangerous failure per hour) and MTTFd (mean time to dangerous failure) when selecting the ideal Leine Linde encoder for your system. All Leine Linde encoders clearly state their PFH and MTTFd values, simplifying the process of designing a secure system.


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