ESR strain sensors

Strain sensors and components for digitalized strain measurement

The robust and precise ESR strain sensor can be used permanently or in measurement campaigns. It provides digitalized strain measurement data directly into the machine controller or data acquisition system. With help from gateways, the sensor can provide data via fieldbus interfaces including wireless LAN-based OPC UA.

Thanks to the specially developed measurement principle, the strain sensor comes with an inbuilt temperature compensation and stress-free measurement, which allows nearly unlimited time of operation.

By use of the bi-directional digital data interface, the sensor provides further information as of temperature, type label, and internal sensor diagnostics. Furthermore it is possible to store application-specific information into each sensor to allow e.g. automatic machine start procedures. 

Different variants are available in order to allow the easiest possible fixation: adhesive installation, screw installation, or magnet installation.

Technical data

Measuring step
Measuring range ± 5 000 µɛ
Permissible mechanical working range ± 17 500 µɛ
Vibration ≤ 200 m/s2
Shock ≤ 300 m/s2
Encapsulation level IP66
Operating temperature Variants up to -40°C...+100°C
Cover material Aluminium
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